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Monday, November 28, 2011

Love Inspires

Love Inspires

Love Inspires
11" x 14"

Living a life of friendliness and love will help to inspire you to live a life of compassion, hope and joy.
Life is so much more meaningful when we share it with someone else. Often we sit and wait for what will come ahead only to finally get it!! Your future lies deep within yourself. It's way down deep where you keep your dreams. The true life is what happens when you decide its time to act upon those dreams and know, really understand that everything is up to you to make the future happen. And just like Abraham Lincoln said, "The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time." So just take it one step at a time.
Be Inspired

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pink saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!!!
Rest and Recover,


11" x 14

Jean Hart Artwork

Recovery isn't a goal, but a process that continues each day. You are always repairing and renewing and regenerating yourself. Take yourself outside to absorb the light and shadow of each day. Touch Mother Earth and feel her warmth each day that you live. Don't keep your spirit stuck in yesterday as a new day begins. Prayer is process.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Song of the Pearl

Happy Pink Saturday

The Song of the Pearl
An Ancient Gnostic Poem

The Song of the Pearl, "tells the story of the prince who wears a gorgeous jewel encrusted robe. One day his parents tell him that he must take off the magnificent robe and journey out from his homeland into an alien country where he will find a precious pearl guarded by a fierce dragon. He is instructed to tame the dragon and bring the Pearl back to the kingdom. In so doing he will be permitted to wear the robe again and share the sovereignty of the kingdom with his brother. The prince unquestioningly obeys the king and queen and well supplied with princely goodies sets off on his journey. On reaching his destination, he feels lonely and disoriented. He adopts the clothes and customs and language of the people and forgets who he is and why he is there. He falls into a sort of trance. Hearing of this, his parents write a letter reminding him of his regal heritage and his mission. They attach it to an eagle and dispatch the eagle to the prince. The eagle and the message awaken the prince from his trance. He hypnotizes the dragon with wondrous words and then, with the help of the eagle, he returns home, pearl in hand. He is warmly welcomed and delighted to gaze again on the glorious robe. He sees it reflecting the magnificence and unity of all creation. He covers himself with its splendour and joyfully takes his place beside his brother as crown Prince of the kingdom. "

An Ancient Gnostic Poem, The Hymn of the Robe of Glory, " The Song of the Pearl".

I'm still studying the myths and ancient stories, this is a story of the journey of human consciousness. Through the path of separateness, on towards the Divine journey home.
I present this to you to make your own interpretations and to see the wonderful symbols within this myth, it has survived the test of time in its perennial wisdom,
Please enjoy the story and the artwork.
Jean Hart

Tuesday, November 1, 2011