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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is it Vegetable Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup?

Good Morning...Since I have been back from my painting workshop in St. George I have been sick!!!   Here is a photo of the vegetables that my sister sent me. Is it vegetable soup or chicken noodle soup that cures :-)
Thanks for the well wishes and calls from everyone. I'm always surprised how fast the word gets out when someone is hurt.
I have been to the chiropractors office twice since my fall down the staircase :-(( but I'm doing much better now. Next week I will have a raindrop message to help with the sore muscles. Keeping with my HEALTH activities, which is surprisingly easier eating at great restaurants than eating in my home!! I am determined to learn to cook healthier meals and exercise each day now that I am back from all the fun trips I have been on.
Here is a smilebox I made of my pastel workshop in St. George, UT. last week.
click and enjoy,
Jean Hart Artwork

Friday, October 29, 2010

What will you be for Halloween??

Happy Halloween!!
What will you be for Halloween?
It's always the next question asked after what kind of candy did you get? Something with chocolate I hope.
I have always dressed up. It was fun when my kids had school parties and back then we walked around the neighborhood.
Now my kids are grown and I still want to dress up.
So I think I will be a witch and go grocery shopping!!!
This year I went to a hunted house in Salt Lake City, 13th Street,
 It was a blast!!!!
I have to say that, that will be on my list of fun activities for next years Halloween adventures again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday

I have committed to post something pink each Sat. in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.
On my way to St. George Ut, last week, Vicky and I stopped to have lunch in Delta. In the parking lot, there were planted the most beautiful pink flowers.
Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter-October 2010
Happy Anniversary Kerry and Jean, 34 years!!!
It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I married a Surfer, Navy Man, Artist,Scientist and Man of the Earth. This year we decided to celebrate by going to Park City, UT and taking a ride on the Zip Line and Alpine Coaster (Which I might add goes 45 mph on steel rails).
Did you hear me screaming like a demon?? Yes, two checks off the bucket list for the price of one!!

On my blog site I challenged everyone to find some pink things and post them on my site or their own blog sites each Sat. for the month of October.
I would like to share some of the pink things I have found in my life to honor
October Breast Cancer Awareness.
Be inspired.
just click on the link and sit back and enjoy the show.

Whats next for Jean Hart Artwork
The Bookstore
November 12, Friday 2-5pm
Book Signing,
12 Days of Christmas, illustrated artwork, by Jean Hart

Nurses Bazaar
"My Heart", 16" x 24, acrylic, original painting,
Donated to Horizon Hospice

Festival of Trees
Donated, small table top tree


Jean Hart Artwork

My Heart

Good Morning,

I am busily painting for the up coming county fair,

Here is my first painting,

Half of my Heart.


16" c 24"

While I was on my treadmill I heard the song, called Half of my Heart. its by John Mayer and Taylor Swift,

I fell in love with the first line,

" I was born in the arms of imaginary friends, everywhere I've been....." the lyrics go on But after that i just had to come home and paint.

I hope you enjoy my artwork,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello Everyone,
It's Sat. and I would like to share some of the pink things I have found in my life to honor October Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Be inspired.

just click on the link and sit back and enjoy the show.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here is the question for today,

If you knew you were going to die, what would be your last meal?

Well , I do like to eat and I do like to cook too.
 My last meal would be a huge traditional
 Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, and all the desserts. The Eggnog, and the homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream to top it off with.

Bon Appetite,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Little Red Book

My Favorite Red Things.

When I was in Salt Lake City last week, my husband and I came across a little bookstore on South Main Street, Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore, .  It looked so charming on main street we had to go in and check it out. When we went into the bookstore/coffee shop we found that it was actually huge. It had three stories filled with new, old and rare books.
I found my little RED BOOK in the philosophy area. It's called "Self Portrait" by Kahlil Gibran. You may remember him as the author of The Prophet.  He wrote many more books and I am now a fan and on the hunt for many more of his books.
How many of you have accidentally found really cool books by going into unexpected bookstores??
I would love to hear what you found.
Always inspired and willing to share,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gold Bird Posters from

Gold Bird Posters from

Fall is like Carmel Apples

I went to Park City and came across this wonderful candy shop. I stopped right in my tracks when I saw these Carmel Apple, chocolate marshmallows and bananas. I just love the way they displayed these wonderful treats. so warm in the fall colors of brown, carmel, orange. It made me want to go home and dip apples.
So here is to Fall and Carmel Apples. What a delight they are.

Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter

Jean Hart Artwork

Newsletter September 2010

What's September like? CRAZY BUSY!!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day week end.

For me it meant finishing my free readers before school starts.

Art, Art is everywhere I went to the fair and saw it there.

The fair never disappoints!!

The exhibits, the horse racing, the Food!!

If you didn't get a chance to go to the fair this year here's alittle slide show.

They moved the fine art division to the main building this year.

I entered 6 paintings in the fine art division along with baked items.

Sky fair 2010 at the AlAero Airport in Elko, NV was a blast.

Kerry and I took the helicopter ride this year.

I recommend everyone should take a helicopter ride.

Yes, I am just knocking off that buckey list.

Next year I'm going on the Bi-Plane.

Up and Coming Events

To all my Facebook friends I need your help.

I entered a painting in a fine art contest and need you to Vote for me.

"Meeting in the Middle" is an enchanting painting of two lovers coming together under the full harvest moon.

Click the link below, click the painting, and just say "vote" and a comment if you wish in the comment box.

Thank You!/photo.php?pid=576349&id=1850095866&fbid=1290340279168&subject=104083773448&r

Where Can you find Jean Hart Artwork

Northeastern Nevada Museum

Gift Store

I now have my fine art images on mugs and mouse pads, along with cards, prints, bookmarks and magnets.

Elko Chamber of Commerce

note cards and original paintings



I will be participating in the Local Author Book Signing

Nov. 12th & 13th.

Eden Medical Center

My original fine art artwork hangs in the hallways of this medical office.

Everything exhibited is for sale.

Picture This Art Gallery

My on line store

Here you will find all my fine art merchandise including handbags, umbrella's and watches.

Well, for me summer is officially over. School is in session and with Nevada Law behind me I'm now taking Nevada Constitution.

It's time to put Jimmy away until next summer. So for all you surfers and beach combers......

Take it away Jimmy.

Jean Hart