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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Them Eyes, Them Eyes, Them Beautiful Eyes!!!
 they have it in every way...

Your eyes need water, lubricant, and tears. Without it you develop "Dry Eye"...The on going health transformation continues and now my tear ducts and other ducts have stopped working....I'm on drops for about ...a month and I'm told in 4 wks I will be back to normal!!!

So I'm really thinking, what's it like not to see......It's pretty scary!!! Of course, I'm old enough and have seen enough that if you were to describe something with words I could imagine it. ....But I don't want to have imagine. So faithfully I put in my two different drops in my eyes 4 times a day.....Can you see what I see? Gratitude.
It's been a month and today I'm off to the Docs for my Check up.
  I have been fascinated with pictures of eyes and poem of seeing clearly. Here is a poem I found by Wordsmith's forge Poem. "Seeing Clearly"

Seeing Clearly

That which is perceived but not seen
remains every bit as real.
It is the wind made visible,
the sound transformed to the sight.
Colors gallivant like ghosts
through a spectrum sensed yet unseen.
It is something intended for divine eyes,
somehow strayed within range of mortal souls.
The tint of the aura is known to the wise,
yet its light may not answer to wavelength.
The clear lines are not colored in
but they define the boundaries all the same.
The meanings are mystical but not mysterious;
the symbolism of the aura is understood.
Each hue has its own ephemeral footprint
just waiting for a watchful eye to follow in its wake.

I wish for everyone to see clearly,
When I see clearly, I recognize that my world is
an imagined world of spirit, and that all the things that are possible, kind, and imaginable can
happen if you learn to be an active part of all your decision.  While the
eternal part of myself will go on, it will always come down to how I react to what happens in my life. I choose not to be afraid, but to keep the steps moving forward.
Be Inspired,


  1. Jean I had that also. I think it was the drugs I was on. Tomorrow it will snow and Mar 1 is a day i have waited for- for 2 month in pain.
    I have to drive to the Dr.'s 2 1/2 hours up in a blizzard. Then 2 hrs back. Bad luck. I am a Texas,- Fl. gal driving alone in Maine. wish me luck.
    I will be white knuckles all the way.

  2. Oh Yvonne,
    Yes, this business about "dry eye" is caused by two things, hypothyroid and menopause!!! the last one they don't tell you menopause may cause blindness....
    I'm so sorry to hear you are in such pain. I hope your doctors can help you.
    You will be in my thoughts, its snowing here to in Northern Nevada.
    Be safe,