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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I bet you didn't know

I bet you didn't know

A while ago I was tagged on Facebook, it said that someone had answered questions about me.
I popped in to see what they answered and just started to giggle...I just hate it when people say, "Oh, I know you." Nope, not even close. So here we go, I will tell you 10 things I bet you did not know about me and I invite you to tell me 10 thinks about you. This way when someone wants to say "I know you" they may actually know a little more about you.

10. I love cat, kittens, and wild cats. I have always had cats in my life and find them to be a comfort. True story, when I was preparing my art studio I wanted a studio cat. My son said, I want kittens. So together we sent out a message for  studio cat and kittens. What did we get two days later? A stray pregnant cat. Yeah, that's how the universe works. :-))

9. The best Christmas present I ever got was a kitchen cooking set. Came with tiny muffin pan, cake pans, small boxes of cake mix, spatula, etc. Wow, I loved it. Probably why I love to bake. But, now I don't eat sugar and have to come up with my own creative desserts.

8. Shopping.....My favorite shopping spree is spent on home decorations, kitchen tools, bedding and French and Italian soaps. And Shoes.

7. The best time of the day for me is 5-7 AM. Up with the sun, candles glowing and meditating, writing in my journal and daydreaming.

6. Going to Museums. This is kind of funny, me being an artist. I walk quickly through museums. I don't stop and ponder too much. In some strange way I'm thinking if I look too closely I might accidentally paint this and think its my own original idea. So, only if its the work of Masters do I linger.

5. I'm learning about art history, works of art leading up to abstract expressionism. Reading about how to analyze works of art and appreciate the artists process.

4. I have grown not to like ground Turkey meat......getting tired of pork....thank goodness BarBQ season is on it's way I do like BBQ Chicken...not crazy about fish.....Maybe innately I'm a vegetarian!

3. I take my Blood Glucose test every morning. Only just borderline diabetic, I watch my numbers and diet closely.

2. The best drink any time of the day or night is Coffee. Just found out that in France you do not drink coffee with dessert. This sadden me a bit.

1. I'm teaching myself French. Self taught through tapes, books and computer. This has been fun, my house looks a little crazy right now with post notes stuck to everything with its french name on them.  

Well, there you go. Now you know 10 things I bet you didn't know about me.. It's your turn.
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 26, 2012

365 ways to energize your life

365 ways to energize your life......

My Chinese reading said that I would be in the new life transformation from now until 2023!!!! I can look forward to many shifts and changes and challenges!!!!! Transformation does not happen quickly I'm guessing, or maybe I'm just a little stubborn.
My project for this week is to make a collage or artwork, pictures and paintings and  words and anything that I would like to see and embrace for this year.
Those that have worked with me in workshops and art classes know I do not like collages. They overlaps images and confuse my minds eye, they truly make me dizzy. But for the sake of staying on track I will not skip important lessons.
This project as I understand is not about the images so much as about the words. I am creating a "word for the year" it is to be my "sacred word for 2012"
This is your power word, a visual affirmation of what you'd like to experience this year. It's the focus of your energy for 2012. Place this poster somewhere in your home where you will see it everyday and can meditate on the images and words for a short while each day.
I have bought a poster board of only 8" x 10. I figure for me that's enough space to fill with drawing, images, words and doodles. I'm thinking this is where that alphabet list comes in again. :-))
My word is Cycle.
Happy Creating.

Where imagination begins

Be Inspired,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butterfly Effect, Mail Ait Project

Butterfly Effect

Postcard, Three
mixed med.

The Butterfly Effect, simply put. Everything you do effects everyone.
That's it.
Think about how many people have effected your life. Do you not think that what you do is not just as influential?
.. They say when a butterfly flaps her wings it is felt across the oceans.
Yes, that's huge.
Along with effectiveness comes the responsibility of Receptivity.
This life force is not assertive but more of a timely effect. A quiet contribution is more successful.

100 slips of good intentions

100 slips of Good Intentions by Jean Hart
 100 slips of Good Intentions ......."Guidance and answers are all around you, just be aware."

Yes, I feel this is true. Have you ever been wondering around thinking about something and someone tells you, "I 've been thinking about that too."
Just last week Kerry and I were traveling around the back roads and we took a road that was unmarked. He said, "I'm not sure if this is the right road, but I want to get over there." Sure enough, a little while later we came to the sign and it was the road he wanted. Kerry says to me, " I sure like being in your Universe."
Ha, Ha,'s the Universe I have lived in my whole life. It's the Universe of asking, being grateful, and saying Thank You. You see, I believe you can have what you want. Maybe not when you ask, but it will come. Sometimes mountains have to be moved and people shifted to come to you so you get what you want.
So am I lucky or just more aware?
Be Inspired,

Pink Saturday

Welcome to Pink Saturday,

This is where we come together to celebrate Breast Cancer. Anyone who has gone through it, survived it or have had it touch their life's.

Reach a little farther inside yourself each day. Try to find the innermost belief, your innate intelligence. Reach for the stars, sometimes you are spot on and sometimes you hit the moon. Reach out and  ask for help, yes, you would be surprise who will show up. Reach over and help others, women, men and children, especially when you are in need. Continue one foot in front of the other, even if you think you will never reach your dreams, stay in the moment and enjoy the walk about. When you think you've come to the end of one dream, reach out and start your trip on a new journey. Life has many beginnings and ends, just keep going. Life is hard, life is fair, life just is whatever you say it is......

  • Live Well
  • Be Inspired,
  • Share your dreams
  • Help others,
  • Love, for love is all there  is               
  • Happy Pink Saturday           

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mail Art Project, Today and Tomorrw

Mail Art Project....
Today and Tomorrow
International Mail Art Exhibition in Bad Aibling (near Munich), Germany
To view this online catalogue exhibit visit,

Welcome, These are my entries for this exhibit. I'm not sure how many postcards I will paint, but there is no limit, and it is open from now until Oct. I am working with many subjects and ideas that interest me to create something meaningful for the refection of Today and Tomorrow. These are original artworks of mine drawn freehand. I have cut watercolor paper to be the correct size of a postcard.
This first postcard is called
Today and Tomorrow,
color pencil,
As I stand in today present in my life. I look forward to Tomorrow with an open heart and a welcoming wave. I see the future as being bright and beautiful. In my heart and mind I know that you get out of life  what you  project  into the world

2nd Postcard
The Beginning of Time
Mixed Med.
In the beginning there is imagination, inspiration and energy. All of  this energy coming together to create a life force. Living in today and in the present moment puts your goals in alignment with success for tomorrow. This postcard represents the beginning of time when you understand that you must,  " Believe in your dreams and persevere, and everything around you will flourish" . Good timing is often more important then just being present though. Look at the whole picture to understand where you can be of service because working together is more powerful then working alone.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring to life, Name Plant

Spring is here!!! or at least it says so on my calendar.
I love that the days are longer, the sun stays up past 6pm and my mail box is filled with planting magazines. I've chosen lots of flowers to plant this year and one olive tree will be planted in the front yard. Olive Trees represents peace.  I wanted to plant cherry trees because I'm all about France right now. You know cherry trees in Pairs in Spring, the most romantic place in the whole world. But unfortunately the only cherry tree that grows in my zone is the choke cherry. The birds would love it but I hear they are messy.....

Name Plant, Jean

As the journey I take this year steps me into a new season, I too have changed. Today I will be doing an art project that is about my name. It's really a simply little project I learned long ago in grade school. As I have grown I have come back to this project yearly, because truly it represent who I am and it changes every time I do it.
Start with a folded piece of paper, write you name in cursive on the folded edge, if a letter goes below the fold drop it, turn it over and using the light of a window trace the letters on the blank side. Unfold the paper and your name appears like a mirror image. Trace it onto a larger piece of paper or canvas and draw in a pot from which your name grows. Add symbols that are important to you, color with with colors that reflect you. In a wonderful piece of artwork you can see who you are.
Write your name of the rim of the pot, place a statement or poem on the face of the pot. It's unlimited what you can do to decorate this name image of who you are.
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 19, 2012

365 Days of living

365 Days of Living.......
Winter has returned just in time to still say its winter....Tomorrow is the first day of Spring~!~! But looking around my house all I see is snow.
Once when I was feeling really snowed in and depressed because winter was lasting much too long, I decided I needed to embrace the snow. So I went outside and made a snow labyrinth. This really was fun to do and  I challenge you to do something creative with the snow in your yard too. I don't see it melting away before spring gets here.
Winter can last until April where I live. Its a time for reading. Its a time to stimulate your brain. I like to check out new magazines that I don't usually read. Just so I don't become bored with the usually ideas.
Here's a magazine I picked up last week, "The Mental Floss, Where knowledge junkies get their fix". Well how could I resist!!! or you can go to mental for their online magazine.
One of the article's I will share is about Hallmarks best selling Mother's Day Card....this card has been a best seller since 1939!!!
Being an artists who turns her canvas artwork into note cards, I found this interesting. What are people buying and buying and buying for over 50 years???
It's the Pansy Card. A sweet little cart filled with pansy's, with a note that reads, "To Let You Know I'm Thinking Of You". What's on the inside , "Pansies always stand for thoughts-at least that's what folks say. So this just comes to show my thoughts are there with you today."
You can bet I will be painting pansies some time soon.
I would never have known this if I didn't pick up a unfamiliar magazine.
"Stimulate your brain. Don't allow  yourself to become bored with life."
this from the little book of 365 ways to energize your life.
Be Inspired,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

100 slips of good intentions

If ever there was a time that I needed inspiration it is today. We came back from a week in Las Vegas to watch NACAS. Which was a great time but too much walking for me. My 10 min walks a couple of times a day did not prepare me for the intensive hours of walking around. Too much walking and stairs. My knees hemorrhaged and bursed and the muscles are sprained. So for this week I must stay off my feet, ice and bandage. I'm alittle mad about it. I need to get stronger, physically, mentally and probably emotionally too. I'm feeling very fragile right now and it feels like my body is going backwards. So today is a good day for inspiration.
100 slips of intentions by Jean Hart
"Trust In Yourself"
Very good and timely.
 Trust that my body is healing, trust that I can understand and accept my limits, trust that everything will be okay because I'm putting in the time and energy. Trust that I'm, in the right place and the right time doing the right thing.
Trust. That's a huge lesson all by its self. I will think about this this week. My future health relies on my trusting many people other than myself, doctors, test result, my body,  intuition, reactions.
Trust in yourself to make the right decisions. The answers are inside you.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

365 Days of living

....will it come in like a lamb or lion?
Watching the weather channel it sure seems to be a LION.
Already three months into the new year....I have yet to get 2012 correct on my checks!
Thinking about the many lists I have been making lately, my 100 things to do is up to about 15, and I've crossed off three things. It's not as easy as you think!!!
So again I have started a new list that's kinda a sub list if you will of the big list....
the new lists look a little like this:
This will keep me busy for awhile.
Already I am learning French.
Le bon jour mes amis, mai vous dépensez cette semaine reseaching vous et apprécier le voyage et l'aventure qui est avant posé que vous. Suivre votre félicité
Good day my friends,

May you spend this week reseaching yourself and enjoying the journey and adventure that is laid before you.
Follow your bliss

Be Inspired,
Be Creative,
Be You,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

365 Days and counting

365 things to help you energize you....
Words are so important, they're released from you out to the Universe. The Universe doesn't know good words from bad and if you say so then the Universe makes it happen for you. I have long been a believer that your words and thoughts make things happen.
Here is a great site to help you understand this philosophy.
So with that in mind I took my Alphabet list and created stones.
Why??? Because I want to be immersed in words that I have created personally for myself.
These are the words that inspired me when I was thinking of all the things I liked about me from my last project.

We have all seen them, wanted them , what do we do with them stones......
I took white acrylic paint and one by one painted the words that connected to me, for me, about me, about my life, about the person I am happy to be, about the life I'm grateful for.....

 I have a ceramic bowl with birds and I filled the bowl with these rocks and have them displayed in my living room.

This was fun and  took less then an hour, but while I was painting, it felt like I was receiving this little gifts in my life.
As I come close to my year of health transformation, I was asked this question today.  "What is meant by "spontaneous healing"?
My response to others who also answered this question at anewgaia website.
"Well I have to agree with Ted and Victoria,
As I too I'm going through a health transformation. My doctors don't believe in anything that doesn't come from pharmaceutical businesses and my wellness doctor doesn't trust the MD doctors...Really people you are on your own. Trying to mix East with West is exhausting. I too have changed my diet, and doing meditation and chiropractic, supplements, and trying to stay on track with the MD world. Its a hard path. So far spontaneous healing has been a year, Wellness Doctor says I have two more years to go on this health transformation. "Good Attitude" yes it helps, so does a supportive family."
As of last week I have a new diagnosis, Hyperthyroid...
Eat well, exercise, rest, take you meds and keep your appointment.
Thoughts and Attitude Rule.....
Be Inspired,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Human Poor Life, Exhibit at the ArtsCanyon Art Gallery,
Please enjoy,
This is soon to be a book
Be Inspired,
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100 slips of good intentions

100 Slips of Good Intentions
By Jean Hart

"Find out what the flower is for this month and then fill your house with them"

We are so close to Spring Equinox, March 20th. 
 March was named after Mars, the god of war. In the Julian calendar, this month included New Year's Day, March 25th, when annual leases for homes and farms were signed. The beginning of the new year was moved to January later on, when the Gregorian calendar was instituted.
First Quarter Moon, March 1
Full Moon, March 8th
Last quarter, March 15th,
New Moon, March 22
First Quarter, March 30
Color for March, Red and Green
Gemstone for March, Bloodstone, aquamarine

Flower for the Month of March
daffodil, jonquil

March's message:
To grow,to prosper, to explore
Be Inspired,

congrations, Winner of my new book, Imagine, Deams Do Come True

Congratulations to Brenda Hardie
She is the winner of my new book,
"Imagine, Dreams Do Come True"
Thanks Brenda for visiting my page and leaving all those wonderful comments.
Be Inspired,