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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Pink Sat.


It's almost here and I can hardly wait to pop to cork and bring in the New Year!!
So many blessing and exciting adventures to come....I can hardly sit still.
Whats on my New Years Resolution.....
1. More Adventures......More traveling....trips....eating new foods and talking to more strangers!!!
First page from my 2012 journal, named "Freedom; A New Way.

2. Freedom, Freedom is what I must want for this new year, physically, financially, mentally, spiritually and creatively......We are taught not to be selfish, vain and want things like money or success. This year will be all about that . Learning how to express and create a life that I want. Being selfish, vain, and successful will all be brought in and I will make decisions on each according to how they fit into my beliefs, my world, my truths and my judgements for better or worse. This is my dress rehearsal....

3, In search of a word,
What a twisted mess one starts to weave when one starts to self analyze. To love others has to come from first loving yourself. My words often come back to me only to stir imagination and inspiration. If only someone were to talk to me like that!!! What would I accomplish? How far could my confidence and imagination take me? Self Talk, I see now how important that is. What affirmation should I repeat to myself.? What word would be so strong that it would carry me through doubt and disbelief, "I Am". Even for me that doesn't seem strong enough,. It doesn't define to me in terms of explanation of who I am. What word would push me through the hard times, give me bliss at the highs and hold me during the mundane days? I am in search of such a word.

 Well that is it for starters on my new journey for the year 2012,
for all may you have happiness, health and prosperity,
Be Inspired,
Jean Hart

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Pink Sat.

Happy Pink Saturday
and the
Merryiest Merry Christmas

It's that time of year when everyone is running around getting things ready for that very special day.
Everyones' asking, Are you done shopping.
I hope you are or at least close.
The house is decorated and all the Christmas lights are up, giving the house that wonderful Christmas glow.
It's really the most wonderful time of the year.
Here is my favorite song,
please enjoy,
Be Inspired,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Pink Saturday!!

With all the parties of the season its hard to remember to eat well. It's hard not to eat those cookies, and homemade candies. But just try to remember that not everyday in the month of Dec. is a holiday. If you can manage to eat health whole foods most of the time and save the special foods and sugar goodies to a minimum you will not only feel better but maintain a over all healthy radiance to the holiday season.
The Cauldron,
11" x 14"
Jean Hart,

While healing you must remember nourishment and rejuvenation. Healthy, regular sustenance is important, as symbolized by the cooking pot.
Merry Christmas and Season Greeting.
Be Inspired,