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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Remember
I remember was showcased in my exhibit "Kaliedoscope of Colors.
Acrylic on cavas
prints are sold for 11' x 14" $15.00
buyer pays shipping and handling.


  1. I invite you to join me through the journey of my creative circles. When I first conceived of this website I was in the middle of learning about mandala's. I read where Carl Jung the psychiatrist painted a mandala each day to help him get in touch with his inner self.
    It seems that I too have been brought to the canvas to express an experience or emotion. I paint what conserns me personally or philosophically. Each show is a reflection of me as an individual. I share with you the journey of my life and lessons that are being introduced to me and we all grow together. So, plese take your time to really enjoy the artwork and experience the subjects and the rhythms of the paintings.

  2. Good Morning,
    It is snowing here. Great day to work on my new website and all my many projects I have going on. Today I will be painting postcard for the Love mail art project I am involved with.
    Enjoy the day,