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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesdays Artist Message

Tuesday's Message.

Making the Commitment.
Good Morning Artists,
My advice and I do not normally give advice, but here it is.
Go Slow....Take on only what you feel comfortable with.
Remember too that each of us are at a different level of skills so stop comparing yourself to others.
I am self taught with just a few art classes. My first exhibit into the public arena was the County Fair in my little town. Judged and out there for all to see. I registered as a armature but after two years and because I sold a few paintings they said I was now a professional!!!!
I have learned in the last ten years that there is really no one way to become a professional. Every artist finds their own way.
It's really up to you how you want to be seen as an artist. Hobbyist, armature, professional. Just decide if becoming an artist will add the beauty and excitement and quality to your life you image being an artist will do. In reality its a lot of hard work. Once the decision is made, Make the Commitment. Take a few classes, workshop, read art books and watch movies. But then.....Pick one of the exhibits Gilbert has offered you to show your work. Don't be afraid to let people see your work. All so don't be afraid to have it critiqued or judged. (This is where the real growth happens).
Establish Goals, National Fame does not come to us overnight, nor should it. Be realistic, maybe say This is the year I enter one contest. One exhibit. Or try to join in and be accepted to the American Watercolor Society Show. Goals are only there to help you stay focused and under no account do they measure you as an artist. Only you can do that.
Be Inspired,

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  1. Jeanne, you have got the right stuff, Talent. I hope I get this comment through. some blogs kick out the comment and say resign , over and over?
    my best wishes to you Dear Hart.