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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

2nd task of Psyche's Journey,

Psyche and Eros

Her second task, where she is ordered Aphrodite to collect golden fleece from lethally dangerous rams is full of symbolism relating to the sexual energies of the second chakra. This time her ally is the reed. Arising from its watery depths is symbolizes her intuitive feminine wisdom. Th reed tutors her in skills for dealing with the powerfully masculine energy of the rams. Exercising restraint and awareness she calmly gathers the golden fleece without arousing their fury. In transcending her primordial sexual energies she harvests gold." Gillan Ross, Psyche'sYearning,

Well in doing this task, I have chosen to buy yarn, (yes, should have sheared the rams and made my own yarn!) and make a prayer scarf. I picked out charms to spoke to me to put on the scarf as helps for angels and guides.

The Rabbit, always a friend of mine, This is 2011, the year of the Rabbit. and a candle for glow.

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