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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oil Potrait, Nevada artist paints ocean portrait day 5

Day 5

I am finally back to my portrait. I am now substitute teaching and have been work a lot. I think I may have to now schedule my painting on Saturday's.

Today i painted in the main subject and the rail of the boat.

He has a black sweatshirt on but you know black is never just black so I have to put some of the highlights in and the wrinkles in. The wood on the boat rail, again never just one color is pretty weather beaten so later I will go in and give it some wear and roughness.

Remember it's all about stages. Dark to light.

I still need to build up the skin tones and define the creases for age.

All and all I think it is moving along nicely and I am sure it will be on time.

All comments are welcome.


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