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Friday, December 31, 2010

Meditation Creations

Happy New Year!!
It's new years resolution time......I have to laugh as I look at last years list and find some of the same resolutions on this years list!!! I have to ask, "I am so bad that I have to change my whole self each year!!!"
I think not! So this meditation today is to say to me and to all of you "Stop!! You are enough just the way you are."
In the quietness of time and space sit peacefully and breathe in deeply and realize you are enough. you have done enough, shared enough, loved enough, helped enough. Just being you has touched thousands of people, I'm sure that you have been grateful enough, thankful enough and inspired enough. It seems each year we begin with diets to reshape our bodies, some do this for health, some do this for happiness, some just for vanity. Whatever your reason do it for the love of your body.
Lets begin;
  • Imagine as you say to yourself, "I am enough. I am  loved, I allow my body to take its own shape and I love the shape of my body."
  • Begin at the top of your crown, move your head, massage it. love your hair. Touch in and say, "I am enough, I love my hair just the way it is.
  • Blink your eyes, massage your eyelids and eyebrows, open and close them. say"I am enough, I love my eyes just the way they are."
  • Touch your ears, massages them both at the same time, "I am enough, I love my ears for all that they hear"
  • Rub the tip of your nose, breath in and out slowly, say "I am enough, I love the shape and size of my nose"
  • Trace your lips and form a kiss,say "I am enough, I love my lips and mouth"
Continue down the rest of your body, find something wonderful to be thankful for with each part of your body.
Saying the whole time "I am enought, I love......"
Using affirmation as you breathe in and exhale.
Know that you are enough, you are perfect, you are just the way you should be.
When you are done with your whole body, bless it, thank it for working perfectly, make a promise to be kinder to yourself by honoring its beauty and hard work.
Be inpired, be thankful, be grateful, be you,

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