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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!!
I was a little late getting this in.
Pedro from KRJC RADIO AND Jean Hart
I donated my painting "Women Within" to the breast cancer event we had in my town of Elko, Nv.
That's Pedro, who somehow got talked into wearing girls genes for the event (I'm pretty sure it was a bet he lost!)....
The event was to Raise money for breast cancer awareness and the cure. It was held at the Red Loin and had lots of booths and a Zumba marathon.....It was fun and I hope everyone here had a chance to come out of support the event.
Go to fullsize image  I have been in deep healing meditation. I twisted my knee and am now going to have a MRI on it and talk to the surgeons. So I will ask me friends here to send positive and healing thoughts my way........
Life can change in a heartbeat and you never know exactly what that change will bring. Years ago I hurt my back....that injury brought me to art. I can tell you honestly not before the accident did I think I would be painting, showing my artwork publicly or selling it!!!!
So life goes on and life changes and I hope life gives you just enough challenge to make it fun and exciting.
So If you can imagine a woman who is now expected to be challenged and blessed again by how she pulls herself together and handles the unexpected.....
Be strong, be brave, be inspired,


  1. I'm imagining that woman now. So hang in there...good vibes are heading your way....Hope you knee is just sprained. Your painting is gorgeous and I loved his hat.

  2. Hi Jean
    I'm sending you get well, heal fast and prayer vibes. ALL in one for you!!! I had an MRI done for my knee 3 years ago and they said I would need surgery and guess what? no surgery, just went to physiotherapy and its much better than it was. So sending you the same prayers for you:)