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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Psyche's second task

Aphrodite's second task for Psyche
Wool and charms for my prayer scarf
Psyche's second task according to Aphrodite "is to go to a certain field across the river and gather some of the golden fleece of the rams pastured there"
Okay!! While I am reading this I am thinking how will I do this task in modern day time. Mentioning the words "Fleece and Ram" brought to mind wool and yarn and Knitting.  Rams would be the symbol of masculine qualities in a women. In my book, "She" , (I quote this so I get it right.) "Masculinity often looks ram-like to a woman when it comes time for her to assimilate little of that quality into her interior life" . ..
In my task I have taken the "wool" of the Ram, and decided to make a scarf. A scarf that will have symbols of charm knitted into it. I know that we women must make our own way in life, but I also know we do not do it alone.
So as I knit this scarf I will give blessings to both Men and Women in my life. I will ask for help and honor all that the Universe wishes to give me.
I like things to be personal, real and rational.
The mythology in this tasks really asks a bigger question of life. Being feminine and wanting to be independent in thought, the question really is. "How much masculine energy is enough within myself to keep me strong but also be able to use my feminine energy equally?
I look forward to the meditation of this task as I ask myself some hard questions.

Be Inspred,
Jean Hart Artwork

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