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Friday, August 17, 2012

It's just a rumor I heard

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Life is curved, acrylic, 4' x 4'
Jean Hart Artwork
Yesterday is only a dream, tucked away in the recess's of your mind. Tomorrow only a vision, a hope and dream. The question for today is "What will you do today, while you live and breathe and are alive to make your tomorrows happier, wiser and stronger?

Will you sit and wait for the world, your world to change? Or will you have the courage to take a small step to change yourself for your world or the larger world?

The answer of course is yours alone. But, it reminds me of a quote I remember, "If you always do the same things you have always done, then  you will always get the same answer you have always gotten". It's something like that, and I'm sorry I don't remember who said that or if I'm quoting it correctly, but still it is something that has always stayed with me.
Today, really is the best life you's the present life....the one that you are reaping the benefits of yesterdays decisions and planning for  the future. All things rely I what you do NOW, TODAY.
Heart's Desires, acrylic 4' x 4' Jean Hart Artwork
Heart's desires, they come from within, from without. Idea's are acted upon and plans are made.
Opportunities!!! Do they really only come knocking on your door once?
I think that's just a rumor.....for the people who don't meet their dreams half way...
Be Inspired,


  1. Enjoy each day you have to the fullest. We only have the moment as tomorrow may never come.

  2. Your post reminds me of one of my Mary Englebreit magnets - if your ship hasn't come in, go out and get it!

    It's so easy to lose sight of it all, isn't it?

    One day at a time - and sometimes, it's one hour, second or moment at a time. They add up.

    Neat artwork- interesting and unique interpretations.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Hi there Jeannie Girl.
    Great work. I started to paint again.
    I am still having a hard time walking with this cane. My thigh bone hurts. Love the colors, Bright and cherry.


  4. Hi, I just stumble across your blog and I'm so happy that I did. Your work is very interesting and a bit mesmerizing. I am your newest follower and I would be over joyed if you would follow me back.

    Ten years ago I was selling my art in galleries and enjoying a little bit of local fame . . . Then I took a job offer that consumed my life and just a few month before retiring, I had a freak accident that crimped my right hand. After a year of therapy and even longer of exercise and strength training in my hand. I am back. I have only 40% use of it (that's what the doctors say, but they haven't watch what I can do). There isn't much that I can not handle and blogging has been a great encouragement. I have finally finish a painting that I started ten years ago and also completed another. I do paper crating, photography, re-purpose everything, play guitar (I can only strum, my fingers will not allow fine picking) and sing with a local group and I blog.
    Life is good.
    I'm looking forward to following your art and enjoying a blogging friendship. Have a marvelous day, Connie :)