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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let the Judging Begin!!!

It's Fair Time......Let the Judging Begin!!!
Good Morning.....busy, busy,'s the day.....I go around town and collect my artwork so I can enter it into the Elko County Fair.....I can not believe that someone asked me this question!!!!......
."Do professional artists enter fairs?".....YES!!!!!, I have entered the fair every year for the last 15 years. I am just as excited to do so today as I was the first time I ever let the public see my first painting. I paint for the love of creating, the love of expressing myself, because I think Artist have a responsibility to paint the world around them., and because I can't not create!! There is nothing like the feeling when the doors open and you look around to find where they have hung your artwork and see a ribbon!!! It's thrilling!!!! Never a guarantee people will like your style, understand your work, and respond with great appreciation.....I love that I'm some what anonymous because I like to stand back and listen to the comments people make about the artwork....I love the fair. This is where I experiment, explore and send out  my new styles, techniques and listen to the critiques.

Yes I do the fair. I encourage everyone to do the fair.
I know most of you will not get to the fair to see my artwork, so here's a sneak peak...
Here are my enters
Please enjoy my artwork

Souls Song, acrylic, landscape


Pear, acrylic, still life

Abundance, mixed medium, nonobjective

Rest, acrylic, portrait

Midnight Souls, acryic, Miscellanceous

Boat House acrylic, Nonobective

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