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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today's word is commit.




What comes after you have researched, read, AND  asked all the questions????
It's time to get up and move.It's a day to go out and DO, take a risk. I URGE you to. You've done your homework, read everything you can, maybe even spent months talking about doing something. It's time to move in that direction. Hike that mountain you've been dreaming about. Paint, create, dance, bake, or just increase your workout to 3 times a week. Today's word is commit.
There is a time in every one's life that you will have to commit to something. A person, a profession, a partner, a home. Sure it's hard, the committing part that is, but once you have decided, give it all you have. Commit to something that matters to you. Sometimes its easiest if you can commit to something small at first, say like learning a true fact about something your interested in, or memorizing a verse of a favorite song. Just remember that before you commit take a little time to reflect on how this will effect you and if it's right for you so you will have no regrets.

Within your mind, acrylic, 8" x 10"
 Here are a few things I have decided to commit to:
1. I have just sent my application in to be considered for membership of the National Society of Painters in casein/acrylic Association

2. I'm going to continue with my mail art projects around the world.
3. Will continue to send out applications for exhibits and contests out side my area.
4. Go to 2 workshops of artists I want to learn from.
5. Add more merchandise to my online
1. Continue with my personal trainer
2. Increase my cooking skills
3. Find more interesting style of clothes from the free poeple line
4. Work on my decorating around the house.
5 Continue with my French Lessons
Now there's probably more but that's plenty for today.
Happy Tuesday
Be Inspired,


  1. well, I feed the fish. I love Streep too. I saw a movie with Richard Gere about a dog called
    Hachi. Get tissues, it was beautiful. I make list's and Sometimes I get it finished. Keep
    up the good work. Keep cooking.


  2. Inspiring! Happy Pink Saturday.

    Your comment at my PINK Post is always appreciated.

    Have a great weekend!