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Monday, September 3, 2012

The World needs to hear your true voice!!

September's Aspects

This month took its name from it's earlier position in the calendar. It became the ninth month when Julius Caesar changed the calendar and made January the first month. 
Full Moon: Harvest moon
Universal event: Autumn Equinox, nature comes into balance
Communal event: Autumn Equinox, September 21,
Message: To create, to prosper, to appreciate
Activity: Arts, crafts, courting future mates
Healing properties: Prevention through tonics
Color: Brown
Tree: Hazel
Flower: Aster
Creature: Snake
Gem: Sapphire

September has always felt like a new beginning. I think it is because we start school in the month of Sept. and there is always such great anticipation for new beginnings and for change.
My message for September is Create,

It's time to create something from nothing....create something to wear, something to hang, or even create a new room. Be inspired, to create the life you dream of....Okay, yes, that ones tough. I now have to create a daily list of things to complete each day just so I don't forget to do the very little tasks that make my life better. Really?? Who puts making your bed on a list??? I do now, or I will just spring up and head out to create my day. Creating a new body is another hard task!!! It's been one year since my injury, and I'm half way through my Physical Therapy Program. But, I tell you I am 1000 times better than I was a year ago. This is where Dr. Fox says everyone leaves therapy. Because I'm doing so much better I think I'm ready to get there on my own. Wrong!!! I must stick with it, first, because there is more healing to do with my internal organs, second, I'm not holding my adjustments longer that a few wks,  third...I haven't lost the weight I need to lose yet.  Oh, let me tell you, number 3 is hard work.
I leave you with this thought for September,
The World needs to hear your true voice!! The people need to see your true thoughts!!    Imagine your dreams, create your life, express your vision!!
Be Inspired,


  1. Glad to hear you are doing better. Love your creation. I am still not walking right. The hip was May22 and I am having a hard time with the cane. Using the walker.


    1. Hello Yvonne,
      I have been thinking of you often. You will get better. I used a walker, than cruches and then shuffled. It's been a year and half, and I can know say, I'm walking right. Do your exercises, if you have them, and just be good to yourself. I would love to see your inspired,

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  3. Delightful and beautiful!! Late visit from Pink Saturday.

    Here is my PINK, your comment is always a pleasure to read.

    Have a great week ahead.