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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is it Vegetable Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup?

Good Morning...Since I have been back from my painting workshop in St. George I have been sick!!!   Here is a photo of the vegetables that my sister sent me. Is it vegetable soup or chicken noodle soup that cures :-)
Thanks for the well wishes and calls from everyone. I'm always surprised how fast the word gets out when someone is hurt.
I have been to the chiropractors office twice since my fall down the staircase :-(( but I'm doing much better now. Next week I will have a raindrop message to help with the sore muscles. Keeping with my HEALTH activities, which is surprisingly easier eating at great restaurants than eating in my home!! I am determined to learn to cook healthier meals and exercise each day now that I am back from all the fun trips I have been on.
Here is a smilebox I made of my pastel workshop in St. George, UT. last week.
click and enjoy,
Jean Hart Artwork


  1. Thanks for stopping by my site . I see you are an artist or should I say painter... I have a girlfriend that is good with a brush but she hasn't done much since her husband took ill. I 've been doing my blog for two years.. Some days nothing comes to mind..brain freeze.. So glad you decided to follow ..I will do the same. Elaine

  2. Thank you for the nice compliment on my Blog. I love the fact that got into art and are getting your work out there. You have some wonderful pieces. I was born & raised in Reno, Nevada & most of my family still lives around that area. I have been Elko a number of times growing up. Nice to see a art work alive and well in north/east Nevada. Take care.

  3. Hello Elaine,
    I have really enjoyed starting this blog, I have now put some ideas together to help me stay on track, check out the side bar.
    I hope you come to visit often.

    I lived in Reno, twice, and my daughter was born at St. Mary's. I love Reno and visit often just to see what's happening in the big city.