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Monday, May 9, 2011

Stargate Series

Stargate series, Beautiful Passage
Just got back from my post op appt. Good News!!! Stitches are out and I can now shower!!!!Yeah!!! I will have a little physical therapy and then I am good to go.
What a amazing journey I have been on.
The knee surgery------was a breeze.  It was the recovery that was a little hard.
Having my heart rate dip into the 30's gave me a little insight to a different place.
Here is what I experienced when I blacked out. It was a warm, orange and welcoming place. I was not afraid and it was not a frightening place. I wanted to capture the feeling and found that digital art seemed to do it best.
I think that I will work on a few more paintings for this series, just to make record of it.
Thank You Everyone who sent good wishes and warm thoughts. I was in need of them.
Be Inspired,

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