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Sunday, April 15, 2012

100 Slips of Good Intentions....Stop with the lables!!

100 Slips of Good Intentions by Jean Hart

100 Slips of Good Intentions.......

"If you want to grow beyond yourself you must take action in those things that motivate you."
It's so easy to say I don't have time to do something. I say it all the time to myself. I don't want to of course is a whole other issue.
I'm watching the TED Lectures now. I love them. I find them to be interesting and encouraging and inspiring. Many of these people come to be successful because something in their life has changed or ended and they must now make a new direction for themselves.
Defining myself is tough. How do I want to be seen. Both answers have limits I put on myself. Asking others to define me is even worse.
I read many things that say "Believe in yourself". Even that statement confuses me. So this year I have gone on a hunt to see what is it that I do believe. How do I define myself. And sadly to say what labels do I want to be associated with me. "Stop with the labels"......I find it hard to believe that you can define anything without putting a label on it.
Believe. It's a powerful word. Mostly I want to believe  I have choices. I want to also believe that I can make wise choices. 
In my recovery I have a lot of down time. I read a lot. So here is an interesting thing that has happened to me. I went to the library and started to browse through children's books.  Yes, even though I have no small children at home any longer, I went to the children's library.
These books are full of adventures, and heroes and really can do people.
Can I really be reading these fun and simple books and be learning life lessons that I must have missed in my adult life???
Believe in fairy tales for what the can teach you about real life. Believe in happy ends. All ends are truly what you think they are, happy or sad, you choose.
Believe in something,  anything that gives you hope and inspiration to keep going.
So even though I'm watching TED Lectures with the most brilliant minds and creative encouragements, I'm reading children's literature so I can come back to believing, I can be strong, healthy, happy and wise.
Happy Reading.
Be Inspired,

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jeanie,
    Didn't you have some fishes? I agree with you on many points. Sorry haven't been by, so much pain. I just have no desire for anything. Lost a tooth and have to crawl into my car to go get a re-glue. I have another 4 weeks of this awful pain till the operation. Don't think I am going to last. I feel like jumping under a bus. yvonne