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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May the month of Spring

Tuxedo and lady bug in Spring returns....

The month of May was named after the goddess Maia, Maria, the goddess of spring, she who brings forth life. It is also the month of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.
Full moon: May 6.
Universal event: Flowers coming forth.
Communal event: This is the month when you clean and declutteer and organize.
Healing properties: be careful, this month is high on fevers and infections.
Color: Hazel, pink
Tree: Hawthorne
Flower: Lily
Creature: Magpie, dove
Gem: Emerald

Full Moon on May 6, I'm planning a picnic and walk on the Labyrinth in my home town. It's a good time to be thankful and grateful.

May Day

May Day is still celebrated in many parts of the world. The Irish especially love this folk festival. They decorate trees and bushes and hold dances out doors to welcome the beginning of the summer. On relics in Assyria, we see ribbons fastened to the Tree of Life.

Here is a fun site that explains all about this festival and the traditions.

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