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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter Jan 2013

Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter
Happy New Year 2013

I'm looking forward to a great year of love, luck, prosperity and, good health.
I wish the same for you too.
Abundance, mixed med. Jean Hart
But just in case, here is how I will be signing the date this year.
"The number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese Feng Shui because the number sounds like the word for “death”. To avoid the number 4 don't write a two digit year because 13 adds up to 4 (1+3=4). Instead write 2013 as the number 6 is good for family harmony, prosperity and joy. "
from my Chinese Horoscope
I have many exhibits and projects scheduled for this year.
In August, I will be participating in a fine art exhibit at the
Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko, NV
We will have a reception, more information about that later.
My next hanging exhibit will be in Feb. for Valentines
"I'm a Fool For Love"
Still looking for a place to hang this exhibit.
But I know it will happen.
I have also joined two art groups for
Mail Art Projects
1. Blue Moon, Romania
2. How Do You See Disabilities In The World, France
Again more on when you can view these exhibitions on line.
Now that I'm feeling stronger, 14 month in my 24 month PT program, I can hardly sit still. I have plans to start inviting people over to paint with me.
"Cocktails and Canvas"
Since space is limited it will be by invitation, so make sure your on my mail list so you can let me know if you're interested.
More on that tooooooo. Look for it in the spring.
I am learning about art history daily and have started to blog about the many artists and techniques I am learning. I invite you to visit my blog, grab a coffee, stay and comment. I always look forward to interesting conversation.
For those that live in Elko.
You can see my artwork at the following business.
 I'm always interested in hanging my artwork so if there is anyone interested in hanging my artwork in your business please contact me.
For those that live in Elko.
Troy Edens Medical Center
Picture This! Art Gallery
NENM gift shop
Cosmic Coffee, Sparks
online store
It's going to be a great YEAR!!!
Be Inspired,

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