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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sometimes a Pear is just a Pear

Happy New Year 2013
Abundance, mixed med. Jean Hart
I'm looking forward to a great year of love, luck, prosperity and, good health.
But just in case here is how I will be signing the date this year.
The number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese Feng Shui because the number sounds like the word for “death”. To avoid the number 4 don't write a two digit year because 13 adds up to 4 (1+3=4). Instead write 2013 as the number 6 is good for family harmony, prosperity and joy.
Traveling is always on my list of things to do and just last November I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It took me four years to get there. I kept making plans and it just didn't work out. Finally, on the Universes time, not my time, I got there.
I loved it, the sights, the sounds, the food, all of it.
We took a day to walk around the town and visit museums and missions.
One of the best places I visited was Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.
When I went I was not so interested in her. But after an afternoon spent in her Museum I am now her biggest fan. It's not so much her artwork but it's her attitude I admire.
She is a Master of abstraction art, starting as a modern artist.
Everyone knows her for her big flowers. Few know that she spent time in Texas to teach elementary school art classes.
When she felt people were reading too much into her flowers and made her out to be more sexual then she had in mind when painting her flowers, she started painting pears.....because she said,"no one can read anything into a pear. Sometimes a pear is just a pear."
I connected to her paintings of the land and her simple lines.
If you are in Santa Fe I recommend that you visit her museum, it is well worth the time.
 The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at 217 Johnson Street.
Pear, acrylic, Jean Hart
Be Inspired,

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