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Thursday, September 24, 2009

day 3 oil potrait

It took the longest time for the sky to dry before I could continue my work. I asked my artist friends about this and they said anything that has a lot of white in the mix well take time. I am learning my lesson in patience. Acrylics dry almost immediately!

So today I have moved on the the background people. I do not want to give them much detail because they are not the main subject. However, I did notice that I can not paint areas next to each other while wet without smudging. So, I will paint in stages while things dry. I did learn that if you put the painting in your car it will dry quicker.

I am happy to take a break for drying so I can breath. Oh, did I mentions oil paints have a strong odor so I have to have the windows open. The one thing I do find fun is mixing the paints to make my colors. This always makes me feel like a chemist. I think it's moving along nicely and I'm pleased.


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