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Monday, November 1, 2010

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?

When I visit someones home I love to look around and see what kind of artwork they have hanging in their home. Here are a few pieces I have in my home. Visit my art website and you will see what I have in my home.
Artwork can say so much about a person and their personality
Landscapes, still life, abstracts, contemporary, conceptual? Do you like originals or prints.
Question for Monday.
What kind of artwork do you hang in your home?


  1. Hi, so nice to meet you. I am following you back! I am from Utah so it was fun to read all of your posts about St. George and the Haunted House, etc. Love your witch hat, sounds like you had fun.

    Sorry to hear you fell and were sick. My husband just got back from China and he brought back a nasty cold that goes into your chest, so I need the chicken soup too.

    I have mostly religious art around the house and family portraits and pictures. I used to have all contemporary (for the colors) and my husband said, "This doesn't show anything about us, why do we have this?" I love everything I have now, it means something to me...God, home and family.

  2. Good Morning Jean, I'm one of your new followers. Family photos dominate a large wall in my livingroom. Plants and candles and stacks of books or magazines are scattered about. Currently we have a few autumn decorations sitting out as well. Lighhouses and seashells in the bathroom. Birds and birdhouses in the diningroom.