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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's on my Easel

What's on my easel?????
Tea with Rabbit
Since 2011 is the year of the Chinese Metal Rabbit, and I love Rabbits for lots of reasons.
They represent, fertility, abundance, new beginnings.
Rabbits have long been a subject for me to paint and embrace. I expect they will be lots of paintings this year with rabbits in them.
I am learning many lessons this year and top on the list is Stillness, Meditation, Being Calm...the list goes on and on. Often my paintings represent my own life and the lessons I myself are going through.
I welcome you on my journey.
Here is a poem to meditate on.
Totally Crazy
The deep blue sea
spoke to me;
it was holding back
a mystery.
A dolphin took me by the hand'
it wanted me to understand
that in this life
there's more to behold
than bags of money and pots of gold.
Believe in yourself
and you will see
how happy and free
you were meant to be.
By Mike Dooley

For me right now that says a lot.
What happens when you start to believe in yourself?
What happens when you start to put yourself out in the world?
What happens when you do want you want and follow your dreams?
I'm thinking what happens is that you become a better you. But this time around once you believe in yourself your also better for family, friends, and the world.
Just something to think about.
Be inspired,

1 comment:

  1. Very nice Jean, it's lighthearted and inspiring. Thanks.