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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow day Sunday

Yep, looks like I'm gonna need a cupcake today.
Snow Day!!
This is what I woke up to today. Snow!! I live in Northeastern Nevada and we do get snow, but really this is too early.
Luckily I just bought my snow boots last week when I was in Twin Falls shopping.
Today is my husbands birthday, and I wont tell you his age but lets say he is now distinguished.
I'm planning on making a birthday cake today and taking him out to dinner.
It's a pretty quiet day, and it's the last race of NASCAR today. Sad for him but happy for me. NASCAR lasts sooooo long. I like Carl Edwards and Kerry like Jr. so we root for different drivers.
I'm going to head to the studio and do some artwork. I'm planning on making "Under The Mistletoe" into a christmas card.
Hope everyone has a good Sunday.


  1. I saw you on Sherry's blog, well I am in Maine and Sunday we were suppose to get snow in the Mountians. I am on the coast so the longer it stays away the better. Great post, come be a follower. yvonne

  2. I always love the first snow...we are still waiting for our in southern Michigan.

  3. It snowed all through the night.
    3-4 inches more for today and 3-4 FEET bey Tuesday night!!
    I am learning to love the snow.