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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee Time

Good Monday Morning.......
Jean Hart Artwork original fine art design Mug,
I'm having a cup of coffee, come join me....
Each morning I start my day with a cup of coffee and Viva La the day begins.....
I have a collection of coffee cups from places I have been, so each morning I have a new cup of coffee with a great memory.
Friends are like that too. Some are old and have been around for awhile while others are new.
What determines a friendship?
Friends are a mystery.....I have old ones, new ones, younger ones, and much older ones. Some I see everyday and others I only send Christmas cards to. But I love them all.
Girlfriends are great to have, they understand me. Its like we have a language of our very own.  It's different from the language I have with my husband or children.
I'm Throwing a party, a coffee cup party.
show me your coffee cup and lets have some interesting conversations.
How do you view your place in the world?
Is it by profession, a calling, a mission?
Drink up.
Be Inspired,

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