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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Psyche's Third Task

Aphrodite's Third Task for Psyche
In the Greek Myth of Eros and Psyche
Aphrodite tells Psyche that "she must fill a crystal goblet with water from the Styx, a river that tumbles from a high mountain, disappears into the earth, and comes back to the high mountain again." Sounds easy....but of course it's not....The stream is guarded by dangerous monsters, there is no place to secure your feet...A Crystal goblet of river water!!!
Back to modern day, and just as it happens, just this last week when I went to visit my Mom, she gave me a CRYSTAL GLASS!!!!!
Oh how I love the Universe!!! Now what can I put into this "crystal goblet"? The River is not just a river you know? Oh No No, its the river of "Life and Death" it flows fast and treacherous, its banks are dangers and lets not for get the big mean monsters!!!
This task is telling us how we Women must relate to the vastness of life....One glass, one task, one thing at a time. Forget multitasking. She must do one thing and do it WELL.
Do all that you want to do, just remember you can really only do one thing at a time.
Did you know crystal is very fragile and for me precious,and so is your self image and ego.
Bring this task to modern day for me......
I have my crystal goblet. And so I will fill it with my diet shake!!!! My "Water of Life" to accomplish my "one task at a time" health issues. Because this drink is not easy to come by, it's expensive, it's full of mind traps, sometimes I would rather have a bagel, and we know what a slipper slop they are. I want to be around for years to come ( vastness of life), I know that it will take one shake at a time to accomplish this task.
Be Inspired,

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  1. great post, it's larger than life. Love the metaphor and symbolism. YOU CAN DO IT!!!