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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Paint brushes are the basic tools to have when stocking your tool kit.
I think there has not been enough said about the picking and use of the paintbrush.
When you go to the art store there are rows and rows of paint brushes and it can be overwhelming.
I have used cheap brushes only to have them fall apart and leave hairs on my canvas to be permanently part of my painting.
Brushes come in three basic hair types. Soft natural hair bristles are made up of the hair of an animal. these bristles, which are very resilient and hold a good amount of moisture, are an excellent choice for watercolor.
soft synthetic hair bristles are made up of man made fibers and are recommended for acrylic paints. Bristle brushes, which have thick, coarse hair, are best for oil painting and can be either natural or synthetic.
the most common brush shapes, fan, flat, round, and rigger.
For a  beginner you don't need more than these.
try starting with
l. two flats, small and large,
2. three rounds, small, medium, and large
3. fan brush, medium
4. rigger.
Something to think about,
"Use the largest brush you are comfortable with while painting a particular area. This will help you stay loose and avoid painting too much detail."
Joseph Stoddard
Be Inspired,

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