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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Renew for the new year

Reveive, acrylic, by Jean Hart Artwork,*
I love this time of year. I love going through my calendar book and seeing what I have done all year. It helps me to see that I'm living life and active.
During Christmas break I buy a new date book. I go through it and mark all the important dates and then I start filling in the vacation plans, exhibits I need to rotate and short workshops I want to attend.
 What is it you do to Renew your spirit?
The new year is like a blank page and you get to start over, start again, start anew.
My reading list grew to be too long this year. I will have to start a new page.
My painting projects grew to be too many for one year.
Now that I'm able to work out, I'm buying work out clothes that are growing into a big pile too.
One of the things I want to renew is my love of the masters artwork,
It's the excitement of seeing a new piece of artwork for the first time. So my Biography books are now growing too.
We are only here for such a short time and I want to see it all.
But first I must renew my commitment to myself to do the things I love, do the things I must, and do the things I dream of.
Just a quick note, I can no longer reprint this book, "12 Days of Christmas".  So for those that have this book, GOOD NEWS, you own a limited edition.
Be Inspired,

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