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Monday, December 10, 2012

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali (1904-1989)

I once saw a  movie on Salvador Dali and personally I found him to be a bit bazaar.. and to say his artwork is strange is almost an understatement.
But I watched the whole movie, googled him, googled his artwork and as fate would have it, I now own a lithograph of his painting "Venice".
This very week I will be hanging this piece in my dinning room.
He is a master on Surrealism.
He is connected to his unconscious like no other artists I know.
It has been said of him, "Dali's work in the genre depicts ordinary objects in  strange contexts using dream like, sometimes nightmarish, imagery."
Born in Catalonia, Spain, Dali's childhood was peculiar in its own right. He was born nine months following the death of his brother, who was also named Salvador. Dali's parents believed that their second son was his dead brother reincarnated, and they subsequently convinced the young boy of the same;  this belief both haunted and influenced the artist for the rest of his life.
His paintings have influenced the Surrealists movement but in the 1930's he moved to a more classical style and the Surrealists criticised him and excluded him from the movement.
Dali was more than just a painter, his interests were diverse. He also wrote books, crafted jewelry and designed theatrical sets, costumes, and furniture.
His most notable works are:
Premature Ossification of a Railway Station, 1930; The Persistence of Memory, 1931;
the Ghost of Vermeer from Delft which can be Used as a Table, 1943
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