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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Elephant Artists..Are they making a statement on the Art World.

The Elephant Artists..Are they making a statement on the Art World.
As an artist I am always looking at artwork. I'm interested in seeing whats new in the art world and hearing what people are buying.
It is true people are still looking to match their sofas, and colors of their living rooms.
It's been told to me, " that if I paint landscapes I'm sure to sell."
Well, I'm not too interested in landscapes. But I have painted my share of them and sadly I have sold them too. Sad only because that statement is true!!! Sad again that the paintings of my passion, while loved and awarded often reside in my own home.
Now I have come across this new artists, or band of artists. The Elephant. As if we human artists don't already have enough competition, here comes the animal kingdom to keep us on our toes.
I have come to learn that Elephant artists have been creating their original art since 1998. They do not work alone, they require help from their human counterparts. These pieces will sell at auction for more than $2,00.00. Yes, now I have your attention!!!
How is this painting possible. By grasping paintbrushes with their agile trunks, given to them by their trainers, they are able to create colorful, energetic, well composed paintings  with a touch of emotion.
Visit this site for more information and see their artwork...
Be Inspired,


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