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Monday, March 7, 2011

What's on my Easel

Challenge Human Poor life

"Seeking Answers"
30" x 24"
Original painting by
Jean Hart
When looking towards to world and seeing the devastating conditions everywhere one can only hope to pray for its servival. Past that, in each corner of the painting I have reflected some of the areas that need to be researched. Look towards outer space for the future, the oceans for food, global warming for clean air and the most basic of all resources the soil. So if the world had political stability, environmental quality, hunger and poverty could be fought against now by learning to use are worlds lands better and restore our soils

Thank You,
Jean Hart Artwork


  1. We all need to better stewards of our environment. Lovely painting.

  2. Thank You Donnie,
    Yes I agree, and really its not that hard. Everything matters.
    Be inspired,