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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday

Healing Card, green stairs

Good Morning,
Do you remember when I got these beautiful healing cards for my birthday?
I thought that today I would share one with you.
This card is the "Wander where there is not path."
There's no time like the present to "get lost." Realize that a path has many expressions: exploring creativity, indulging intuition, pursuing a relationship. Choose one, and get lost on the pathless path today."
I suppose that is another way of saying let things take their natural course trying not to force results.
I'm going to the health fair today and plan on giving blood! Of course, that action seems at odds to this card that would have me perform an action empty of intention. So sad to say I am not that enlightened yet.
I would love to say that each morning, I meditate for 15-20 min, everyday, eat only the best and healthiest meals, and exercise to exhaustion, but that would be untrue. Those are my intentions. Those are the things I would do everyday if life ran on a perfect hour to each day.
When I first got these healing cards I thought I would pull one each day and do their task. But that seemed to be too much for each day so I try to do it once a week. Here is where I would tell anyone listening. There is so much to learn; exploring creativity, intuition, relationships, on and on it goes.
My feels know is try to set one or two intentions each day. Have patience with yourself and be kind.
So have a good day and I will see you on the pathless path someday.
What does a pathless path look like to you?
I'd love to hear how you felt about today's healing card.
Be safe, be healthy, be inspired,


  1. To me it would be like getting off a path in the woods and wandering around but there is a chance you will see a waterfall or also meet a snake or get lost. Any thing that takes me outside my self, even a beautiful blog, is healing card to me. You have a beautiful blog.

  2. Good Morning Donnie,
    Yes it is a risk to take yourself out of your routine. But than again,,,,,Waterfalls are beautiful and snakes are adventurous!!
    Have a great week end.

  3. Hi Jean, looks like you and I think a lot alike -- love your aimless pathways, I posted something similar today -- Open Doorsways and Gateways, what do you find. Thanks for keeping us inspired. Blessings Terri

  4. Hmmmm! That would mean deviate ... not much of an explorer. Then insecurity would set in.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  5. Thank you for visiting me today. I'm afraid my adventurous spirit flew the coop long ago! Today I like organization and I don't like surprises. To deviate from that would be uncomfortable. Happy Pink Saturday.


  6. Good Morning,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love the cards, where did you get them? I think we would all love to have enough time to fit everything into our days, but life gets in the way, and so it goes on. I dream of the day it all fits, but so far that dream has not come to reality yet, but I will continue to believe:-)

    Have a beautiful day and blessed week.

    Hugs and Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  7. A pathless path....hmm. Well that means I have to cut the path myself. I may not like my choice of twists and turns but those would be the choices that I made. It would be totally contrary to how I am because I live my life knowing what I am going to be doing from one minute to the next. I'm sure I would have many profound experiences on that path.

    Deanna :D