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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bring back my Creative Self

Today is the 3rd day of Spring and I'm not sure I'm feeling it!!

Spring has always been a time for new beginnings for me. It's when the snow melts away and the soil is wet and dark. It begs to be played with, turned over and planted.
I also feel it is a time for women to look at their selves and to see what needs to be overturned, played with and what new seeds need to be planted.
I found this wonderful quote on a friends facebook wall. I don't think he will mind if I use it here. I think it is something we all need to hear.

Start now and embank on your journey. Its never too late to believe in yourself.

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

I love quotes, and poems and reading from inspirational people. Often I will take a poem book and randomly turn to a page and find just the right words I am needing to hear. Have you ever done that?
It's cool when it happens.

 When I was a young girl I had an imaginary friend. I took her everywhere with me. I talked to her, we played all day and she was my best friend. Her name was "Good Girl". Did that mean I was not? Oh, I'm not willing to go there. ... But during my young girl-child years I was creative, I was inspired and I could occupy myself for hours with art projects.
It wasn't until years later that I realized that not everyone talked to themselves. Or even liked to spend to alone with oneself. As I got older my ability to act spontaneously was fading and acting as I was expected took it's place. Even taking art classes became harder to let loose and express myself. I wanted my work to be liked, to be accepted, and I learned it was dangerous to paint outside the lines.
Last winter I ventured outside and I looked at the snow and I felt my creative self come back. I grabbed ahold of Good Girl. I told her to get her snow boots on we are going outside to play in the snow!!! And play we did!! We ran, we dragged our feet and before I knew it I had made a labrinth in my backyard. A very large and big walking labrinth What came out of that day was my creative spirit. All the words, images, experienced and yes expectations of a lifetime came out that day. The belief that something was fundamentally wrong with me or women is so woven into the entertainment of Western civilization that how can we possibly be okay.
Last night I watched a movie, "The Stepford Wives". Bingo.....No there is nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful home, tasty well prepared food, but we do not want to be exactly like others. Fitting In in it's self required us to change ourselves at the very expense of our sanity, health, and pride.
I have brought back Good Girl to me, and together we will find what works for us. How we create and what we like and who we will become.
I think it is a good thing.
Be Inspired,
Jean Hart Artist

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  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with us! I remember hearing my Dad saying after years of trying to stay in the lines, he'd realized the importance of letting go! ...and by the way, I also had an imaginary friend! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs