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Monday, March 28, 2011

No Time To Waste

How do you start your day?
Smile, breathe deeply and start your morning slowly. Coffee please.
I like to get up early and have time to write in my journal, use my essential oils and meditate.
This gives my body time to prepare for the day ahead.
My knee is bothering me and I have to make an appointment to see someone about it. Learning to embrace my new life of not being 100 percent physical and active has been hard. Daily the struggle is here. Some days are better than others. But always I know I am better than others but not as good as I once was. I don't want to waste time feeling bad about what I have to do to keep going. I want to take my energy and move it to what really matters. That's a huge question. What really matters?
I live through my paintings or is it that my paintings are showing my life. Either way I believe they are recordings of who I am. They're the life spirits of all the things I want to be and dream to be.
There is no time to waste. No Time To Waste....
What does that mean to you?
Be Inspired,


  1. Hope you're knee is feeling better. It is hard to think of other things when something hurts. Your art is beautiful.

  2. I know the struggle feelings too well, and you're right some days are better than others..hang in there!