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Sunday, March 25, 2012

100 slips of good intentions

100 slips of Good Intentions by Jean Hart
 100 slips of Good Intentions ......."Guidance and answers are all around you, just be aware."

Yes, I feel this is true. Have you ever been wondering around thinking about something and someone tells you, "I 've been thinking about that too."
Just last week Kerry and I were traveling around the back roads and we took a road that was unmarked. He said, "I'm not sure if this is the right road, but I want to get over there." Sure enough, a little while later we came to the sign and it was the road he wanted. Kerry says to me, " I sure like being in your Universe."
Ha, Ha,'s the Universe I have lived in my whole life. It's the Universe of asking, being grateful, and saying Thank You. You see, I believe you can have what you want. Maybe not when you ask, but it will come. Sometimes mountains have to be moved and people shifted to come to you so you get what you want.
So am I lucky or just more aware?
Be Inspired,


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  2. Sheena,
    Thanks you. I welcome you to my blog, and look forward to interesting conversations.