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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I bet you didn't know

I bet you didn't know

A while ago I was tagged on Facebook, it said that someone had answered questions about me.
I popped in to see what they answered and just started to giggle...I just hate it when people say, "Oh, I know you." Nope, not even close. So here we go, I will tell you 10 things I bet you did not know about me and I invite you to tell me 10 thinks about you. This way when someone wants to say "I know you" they may actually know a little more about you.

10. I love cat, kittens, and wild cats. I have always had cats in my life and find them to be a comfort. True story, when I was preparing my art studio I wanted a studio cat. My son said, I want kittens. So together we sent out a message for  studio cat and kittens. What did we get two days later? A stray pregnant cat. Yeah, that's how the universe works. :-))

9. The best Christmas present I ever got was a kitchen cooking set. Came with tiny muffin pan, cake pans, small boxes of cake mix, spatula, etc. Wow, I loved it. Probably why I love to bake. But, now I don't eat sugar and have to come up with my own creative desserts.

8. Shopping.....My favorite shopping spree is spent on home decorations, kitchen tools, bedding and French and Italian soaps. And Shoes.

7. The best time of the day for me is 5-7 AM. Up with the sun, candles glowing and meditating, writing in my journal and daydreaming.

6. Going to Museums. This is kind of funny, me being an artist. I walk quickly through museums. I don't stop and ponder too much. In some strange way I'm thinking if I look too closely I might accidentally paint this and think its my own original idea. So, only if its the work of Masters do I linger.

5. I'm learning about art history, works of art leading up to abstract expressionism. Reading about how to analyze works of art and appreciate the artists process.

4. I have grown not to like ground Turkey meat......getting tired of pork....thank goodness BarBQ season is on it's way I do like BBQ Chicken...not crazy about fish.....Maybe innately I'm a vegetarian!

3. I take my Blood Glucose test every morning. Only just borderline diabetic, I watch my numbers and diet closely.

2. The best drink any time of the day or night is Coffee. Just found out that in France you do not drink coffee with dessert. This sadden me a bit.

1. I'm teaching myself French. Self taught through tapes, books and computer. This has been fun, my house looks a little crazy right now with post notes stuck to everything with its french name on them.  

Well, there you go. Now you know 10 things I bet you didn't know about me.. It's your turn.
Be Inspired,

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