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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

365 Days and counting

365 things to help you energize you....
Words are so important, they're released from you out to the Universe. The Universe doesn't know good words from bad and if you say so then the Universe makes it happen for you. I have long been a believer that your words and thoughts make things happen.
Here is a great site to help you understand this philosophy.
So with that in mind I took my Alphabet list and created stones.
Why??? Because I want to be immersed in words that I have created personally for myself.
These are the words that inspired me when I was thinking of all the things I liked about me from my last project.

We have all seen them, wanted them , what do we do with them stones......
I took white acrylic paint and one by one painted the words that connected to me, for me, about me, about my life, about the person I am happy to be, about the life I'm grateful for.....

 I have a ceramic bowl with birds and I filled the bowl with these rocks and have them displayed in my living room.

This was fun and  took less then an hour, but while I was painting, it felt like I was receiving this little gifts in my life.
As I come close to my year of health transformation, I was asked this question today.  "What is meant by "spontaneous healing"?
My response to others who also answered this question at anewgaia website.
"Well I have to agree with Ted and Victoria,
As I too I'm going through a health transformation. My doctors don't believe in anything that doesn't come from pharmaceutical businesses and my wellness doctor doesn't trust the MD doctors...Really people you are on your own. Trying to mix East with West is exhausting. I too have changed my diet, and doing meditation and chiropractic, supplements, and trying to stay on track with the MD world. Its a hard path. So far spontaneous healing has been a year, Wellness Doctor says I have two more years to go on this health transformation. "Good Attitude" yes it helps, so does a supportive family."
As of last week I have a new diagnosis, Hyperthyroid...
Eat well, exercise, rest, take you meds and keep your appointment.
Thoughts and Attitude Rule.....
Be Inspired,

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