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Monday, March 5, 2012

100 slips of good intentions

100 Slips of Good Intentions
By Jean Hart

"Find out what the flower is for this month and then fill your house with them"

We are so close to Spring Equinox, March 20th. 
 March was named after Mars, the god of war. In the Julian calendar, this month included New Year's Day, March 25th, when annual leases for homes and farms were signed. The beginning of the new year was moved to January later on, when the Gregorian calendar was instituted.
First Quarter Moon, March 1
Full Moon, March 8th
Last quarter, March 15th,
New Moon, March 22
First Quarter, March 30
Color for March, Red and Green
Gemstone for March, Bloodstone, aquamarine

Flower for the Month of March
daffodil, jonquil

March's message:
To grow,to prosper, to explore
Be Inspired,

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