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Monday, March 26, 2012

365 ways to energize your life

365 ways to energize your life......

My Chinese reading said that I would be in the new life transformation from now until 2023!!!! I can look forward to many shifts and changes and challenges!!!!! Transformation does not happen quickly I'm guessing, or maybe I'm just a little stubborn.
My project for this week is to make a collage or artwork, pictures and paintings and  words and anything that I would like to see and embrace for this year.
Those that have worked with me in workshops and art classes know I do not like collages. They overlaps images and confuse my minds eye, they truly make me dizzy. But for the sake of staying on track I will not skip important lessons.
This project as I understand is not about the images so much as about the words. I am creating a "word for the year" it is to be my "sacred word for 2012"
This is your power word, a visual affirmation of what you'd like to experience this year. It's the focus of your energy for 2012. Place this poster somewhere in your home where you will see it everyday and can meditate on the images and words for a short while each day.
I have bought a poster board of only 8" x 10. I figure for me that's enough space to fill with drawing, images, words and doodles. I'm thinking this is where that alphabet list comes in again. :-))
My word is Cycle.
Happy Creating.

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