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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring to life, Name Plant

Spring is here!!! or at least it says so on my calendar.
I love that the days are longer, the sun stays up past 6pm and my mail box is filled with planting magazines. I've chosen lots of flowers to plant this year and one olive tree will be planted in the front yard. Olive Trees represents peace.  I wanted to plant cherry trees because I'm all about France right now. You know cherry trees in Pairs in Spring, the most romantic place in the whole world. But unfortunately the only cherry tree that grows in my zone is the choke cherry. The birds would love it but I hear they are messy.....

Name Plant, Jean

As the journey I take this year steps me into a new season, I too have changed. Today I will be doing an art project that is about my name. It's really a simply little project I learned long ago in grade school. As I have grown I have come back to this project yearly, because truly it represent who I am and it changes every time I do it.
Start with a folded piece of paper, write you name in cursive on the folded edge, if a letter goes below the fold drop it, turn it over and using the light of a window trace the letters on the blank side. Unfold the paper and your name appears like a mirror image. Trace it onto a larger piece of paper or canvas and draw in a pot from which your name grows. Add symbols that are important to you, color with with colors that reflect you. In a wonderful piece of artwork you can see who you are.
Write your name of the rim of the pot, place a statement or poem on the face of the pot. It's unlimited what you can do to decorate this name image of who you are.
Be Inspired,