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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February...Loves me Loves me not

Pink Saturday!!!

February......I love February......Up comes the love paintings and the heart painting and flowers, flowers, candies and candles.....
The full moon is on the 7th and I will be having a TM Meditation and Intentions night.
February's Activity: growth and healing
Flower: Violet and primrose
Gem: Amethyst
Put love in your heart

Huge Give Away
I am soooo excited to announce, Everyone who comes to my blog site in the Month of February and leaves a comment will be placed in the treasure box and at the end of February I will pick one person to receive my new book,
Imagine, Dreams Do Come True
artwork and story
Jean Hart
Be inspired,


  1. Thanks for this awesome post. I needed to read something positive today and this definitely did the trick. I got a ticket this morning for not wearing a seat belt and have been feeling really bad about it. But I can let it go now. I'll have to go check out the Polarity Therapy. That's why I love visiting blogs, there's so much to learn.

    1. Maria,
      Sorry to hear about your ticket, that can make a day rough....but take some deep breathes it can all be handled and worked out.

  2. February does love you - this I know. Enjoyed your post and that gorgeous art over there to the right!!!

    1. boheminannie,
      thanks for stopping by, I went to your blog and I am now following YOU...Have a great day

  3. Your body of work is amazing!
    Thanks for following my blog. I am truly honored. :)

    1. Rebel Sweetheart,
      Thank you. I love art, all art, anything art. Please stop by often. I'm starting a new line of Postage stamps, there fun so feel free to stop in often,

  4. Dear Jean, I'm your newest follower. I like your artwork especially the landscapes. You have different styles that are appealing, kind of art nouveau. I want to see more. It is good to meet you. xo Jenny

    1. Hello Jenny,
      Yes my styles change from new technique or class I take. I love doing the women painting best, but it is true the landscapes are everyones favorite. The Pastels, Snow Canyon I did on site and I guess if I would have to say that they are my true style, with the world as my subject in front of me plaine air.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Good morning Jean, I am happy to meet you. Thanks for your visit and following me. I think Google is going to do away with this system by March first. I'm checking it out.
    I would be thrilled to win your book. I read down to your most recent posts and enjoyed your thoughts about making to do lists. I wonder if it will motivate me. Smile.

    Happy days to you,

    1. Your names in the Treasure Box.....
      What do you mean Google is going to do away with this system...Blog site????