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Monday, January 9, 2012

Full Moon Celebration

Full Moon Tonight...

Three Wishes, original artwork by Jean Hart
"Here's the nutshell version of what’s happening… On top of our Full Moon in Cancer, the planet Mercury is sextile (a happy aspect) with the planet Neptune, fueling intuition and spawning big ideas. At the same time, Mercury is also moving into methodical Capricorn, making sure those big ideas don’t get too unrealistic. Add a dash of innovation from a Mercury-Uranus square and a harmonious Jupiter trine and you've got a recipe for success! " tarot site.
I can hardly wait for tonight. I am having a full moon celebration. I have made a meditation tape and an activity of writing out my intention. There will be music, food, wine and family.
Because  I am filling my life with intention my affirmation for tonight is simple.
"I speak my truth in clear and confident tones. I express myself and ask for what I want, know that I deserve to be heard"
January is a time when we start adding things to our life's. Remember, that it takes time to make changes and that it will take 28 days to make new change a habit. So be kind to yourself and patient. I have make a little heart felt chart for myself so that I can color in each heart for each day that I have been successful on my journey of change. It's a great way to see yourself staying true to yourself.
believe in yourself, feel strong, feel confident, that if this is something you truly want you can achieve it by setting you intentions.

Be Inspired,

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