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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year a new way

Bath Therapy

One of the nicest gifts I received this year was from my sister. She sent me scented soaps. Her favorite is the pure olive oil bar. Natural Tuscan Bar Soap created with an ancient recipe in the old boiled process using pure olive oil known to have anti aging, anti oxidant properties.
With this new year 2012, I'm sharing a new book with you. Its "365 ways to Energize mind, body and soul" by Stephanie Tourles.
This year I will be sharing with you her many ideas to help you restore your spirit, and revitalize your "zest for life, your happiness, your wholeness, and your physical stamina."
Her first day we start with BATH THERAPY...
I suggest you find some beautiful soaps, great smelling candles and Pour a glass of champagne, or your own favorite drink and closed the door.
This is your time make it special....don't forget the music......
A luxuriant bath, is the ultimate way to boost your circulation and balance your energy flows. Because water is all about flowing, and restoring.
I would add just one more thing to this, deep breathing, and a positive affirmation. One that you make up for yourself is best or take one you have heard that really sits well with you.
Personally I like this one,
 "Imagine a woman who believes is is right and good she is woman. A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories. Who refuses to carry the guilt of others with her body and life." this is from Patricia Reilly's poem, Imagine a woman in Love with herself."
Be Inspired,
Jean Hart

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