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Monday, January 30, 2012

Today's The Day

Today's the Day....

Let's get back on track...
I've been off just alittle since getting back from vacation.
There are things that have to get done each week. Yes, I too must clean. But there are also fun things that I want to do each week.
When you work at home believe me things slide and slip and don't get done. Even the fun stuff sometimes doesn't get done.
So yes, its another list, but a fun one! I have to see things written down so I can cross them off. It's a must to be able to cross things off.
I made this really fun little chart and put the days of the weeks on it. I only put 3 items on each day. Because if you can get 3 things done beside handling everyday life, you ROCK!!!
The things I write here do not change, they are must do for the week. They are the good and hard of my life. They are personal and they are for the house or the family. Just fill it in with rituals, trips, creative trips, house cleaning, erons, I even add 15 min of decluttering to mine, then add these 3 little things to your current to do list.
How about the 101 things to do this year, harder then you think. I'm up to 10!!!
Be Inspired,
Be Creative,
Be You,
Jean Hart

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