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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's no place like home

There's no place like home..There's no place like home..There's not place.  Now click your heals three times....
I do love to travel and now that I am officially an "Empty Nester" I find that Kerry and I like to pack our bags and hit the road more and more. Last week we spent 8 days touring southeastern Idaho. It is beautiful open land albe winter probably is not the time to see it. Most of it was under snow..
Here's the thing. When you travel you are not always on your feet sight seeing and looking at great museums and eating at fancy restaurants. My trips with Kerry are not that way. He is a geologist, so most of the time we are on dirt roads not even marked on the map, in the middle of nowhere. When you travel with a photographer and writer, there is a lot of down time. We wait for the right light, we wait for the birds, the sunsets, the sunrise's. We come back to the hotel and he writes about what we saw and critiques his photos...What am I to do during these many hours left alone???
So here we go again, another list.
"The list of things to do when left solo".
I have to be able to occupy myself during this time. This will work even if your not traveling. Sometimes days just get long and everyone else is busy doing their own thing.
Our feelings change from excitement to boredom in a second and this list will keep you calm and focused while you need to be silent or solo for awhile.
Things I do when I'm Solo.
1. Order a Movie New short film. check it out.

2. Take a Shower
3. Play Backgammon on the computer, really fun for me.
4. Read a book
5. Draw a mandala, this can take an hour
6. Sit in the sun
7. Take a nap
8. Do my nails and toes
9. Do a meditation tape
10. Go for a walk.
Boredom can bring on chronic fatigue.
So be prepared have a list of things to do if you find you have time and are restless.
Be Inspired,
~Jean Hart


  1. Jeannie, Paint, Paint. you are so talented. I just saw the Desendents, pretty good movie. Can't wait to see the Iron Lady..yvonne

  2. Yvonne, yes you are so right, but fo some reason I'm just to restless in hotel rooms to spread things out and paint....just cant focus....boy I havent seen a good movie in awhile.. I will take you choice and go see The Desendens.. ~Jean

  3. Inspiring.

    I am your new follower..